Game Development

Our team has shipped more than 30 titles combined and we each have 12+ years of game development experience. We are passionate about what we do.


Even though we have experience working on and shipping everything from mobile to AAA games we have a special affinity for AR/VR/XR. We thrive on making mobile experiences that reach as many audiences as possible.


We enjoy leveraging our expertise for anything from consulting workshops on how to get started, a full development cycle for any product, and even helping finish an application that needs that extra push.


We have worked with many clients and we always like to hear they come out from the cooperation happy and satisfied. Have a look what our clients said about us.

Our Clients

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Lost Library

By Brian Gish on June 30, 2019

The Lost Library is Lost Signal’s personal code repository used to streamline our Unity development. It has evolved a lot over the years and is now roughly fifteen thousand lines of code.

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