Tien Len


Do you have what it takes to become a tiến lên miền nam champion? Our multi-player card game will test your skills against players worldwide. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay– endless fun and entertainment is just a click away!

Tien len is also known as Vietnamese Southern Poker and Thirteen. It’s a shedding-type card came popular in southeast Asia. Played with up-to four players, this addicting game has cemented itself to become Vietnam’s national card game.


  • Bonus chips rewarded daily and every 3 hours
  • Standard rules
  • Level up to unlock new locations
  • Amazing graphics, beautiful avatars
  • Active leaderboards
  • Most authentic online gameplay
  • English and Vietnamese language support


Tien Len was made by Lost Signal as a collaboration with Big Blind Interactive. Lost Signal provided nearly all programming and handled all technology decisions while Big Blind Entertainment provided all Art and Design. Tien Len was built using Unity, PlayFab and the Lost Library.

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To Learn more visit Big Blind Interactive, or visit the Android store.


Currently on Google Play, but will be coming soon to iOS and Facebook!